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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. What is
  2. Why
  3. What are the listing requirements?
  4. How do I list my company's information?
  5. Can we add additional Web Site Addresses to our profile and Key Words?
  6. Can any Company list in the Networks?
  7. Are additional advertising options available through American Digital Networks?

What is

Digital50 is a Business Tool for providing information about your company to the business community. Internet Users use to find Web Address, Company Information, Network with other Businesses and Source Solutions.

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As a Digital50 Company, you allow companies and consumers to find you... without viewing unqualified competition. Your customers can view basic information about your company or you can provide more detailed information. You can: view or post business events, find and deliver company information, search other resources.

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What are the listing requirements?

The requirements for inclusion in the Digital50 Search are: a) a valid business operating within the United States, an active business as governed by the American Digital internal guidelines b) a relevant business entity serving as either a supplier, wholesaler or retailer.

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How do I list my company's information?

You can list your information by responding to an invitation, granting you immediate acceptance into the Network. Your invitation should include a user name. By entering your user name, you can request your default password. If you did not receive an invitation to join the network, you can submit your request for review, through the standard sign-up section. We will evaluate your submission and notify you upon acceptance.

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Can we add additional Web Site Addresses to our profile and Key Words?

Yes, once logged into your profile, you can add up to 1000 words of information about your company. You can also add additional Web Site addresses, Key Words (that show up in the met-tag area of your profile page) and links to other information (for example: power point presentations, sales sheets, white papers or other)

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Can any company list in the Networks?

No, you must be an approved company in order to submit your information to the American Digital Networks, or

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Are there additional advertising options available through the American Digital Networks?

We provide special sponsorship advertising for select companies. We also purchase advertising space on a number of Internet Properties. If you are interested in additional opportunities to either buy or sell Advertising Inventory, please forward your request to

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What is a featured listing?

A featured listing is a link at the top of the page (not a banner ad), listed by category, key word, phrase or term. Our company does not promote or list companies outside of our listings.

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