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What is ADN1? //

The Service is an online directory listing general information about businesses and organizations. is simply a great business directory to search for business information or find the perfect business for whatever you need.

If you are a business and want to get more visibility, you can list in ADN1 and get in front of users searching our information or the search engines who search our directory. So, users don't have to visit ADN1 directory to get visibility.

We provide basic listings and featured listings. Basic listings are general search results when you enter a search term. Featured listings display at the top of search results in a rotating fashion so each featured company gets an equal amount of attention.

* A featured listing which displays at the top of our search results when people search our network of sites.

* Ability to add news to your profile through our news management application including free press release distribution.

* Free consultation by our staff to help create and optimize your profile to increase the likelihood of showing up in search results.

* Add analytic tracking code to your profile for detailed statistics including visitor tracking.

* Comprehensive Search Engine Placement

* Enhanced visibility in search results

American Digital Networks was formed as a telecommunications company to provide software and services to businesses and organizations of all sizes. is our online directory built to serve our clients and provide a clean, simple option for online advertising. Our rapidly evolving online software provides options for our growing number of users to promote, inform and communicate.

Why ADN1?

As the Internet grows, so do the number of companies fighting for top rankings in existing search directories. With over 250,000 pages indexed with popular search engines, ADN provides a basic simplified way for any business or organization to increase online visibility.

The ADN directory and our other products help users from organizations of all types, sizes and industries to increase online visibility. Online visibility, today, is vital for managers who wish to lead their companies into positions where they can maintain a visible presence in the marketplace. It is essential to be aware of the evolution of directories and online networks and the value they are creating to businesses.