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The Value of Online ADN1 Business Profiles::

Online directories, such as American Digital Networks' ADN1.COM, are helping businesses build online visibility more than ever.

Profiles are the value of any directory, providing the substance and delivering the content necessary for value to the user. Building a better business network requires rich profiles with interactive features and direct member content.

Use of online directories and online networks are an integral part of today’s online businesses. Now, more than ever, businesses are finding it challenging to maintain online business visibility and online connections.

Having an ADN profile not only increases the visibility of the user and chance of turning up in search results with popular search tools such as Google or Yahoo but also provide a valuable resource for users to search for business information directly.

The growing challenges of (SEO) search engine optimization are tackled by the development team. You can rest assured that our site is developed with optimal search engine compatibility making your profiles highly visible to the Internet community. We use a combination of key word tools, advanced programming techniques and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that we have what is required to deliver the best solution to our visitors.

The ADN directory provides another tool in addition to popular online advertising options. For companies interested in reaching a target audience, sometimes cost-per-click and other options can be cost prohibitive and difficult to manage.

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Company Example 1: Law Firm

Social Networks are a natural fit for law firms who, traditionally, build business through relationship networks, and these firms have long sought more systematic ways of finding relationships to develop business than through casual conversations.

Social Network technology built for business is a natural way for law firms to gain insight and access into their relationship capital while also providing the compelling value of an extended reach.

Clearly, Social Networking technology offers a way to deliver business opportunities and present compelling value to clients. As more and more users join the network, the value is increased and the potential market value also increases.

Company Example 2: Mortgage Brokerage

Real Estate Research is obviously one of the most widely used and accepted uses of the Internet. From basic broker Web Pages to more advanced Internet Based Multiple Listing services, people in Real Estate use the Internet and their customers use the Internet.

Mortgage Brokers, like lawyers, build their businesses using social networks. A large number if not all of Mortgage Brokers will tell you that a good chunk of their business is gained through relationship building and referrals.

Existing methods can be time consuming, costly and complex. With the A.D.N. Solution, mortgage brokers can access an easy to use and low-cost option to connect with potential clients and build their networks. With additional messaging options, the mortgage brokers can stay in touch with clients on a different channel.

Company Example 3: Consulting Firm

With a company, an individual employee is connected electronically to his fellow workers. With outside consulting firms, there remains a need to provide news ways to say in touch and think creatively.

Consulting Firms are rare in that, in a lot of cases, they serve a broader base of clients and may need to constantly update information relative to their business. With traditional marketing material, the information could become out of date before it reaches the end user.

With a Social Network Profile, a consultant can post updates relative to their consulting services, post project updates, events or other information (for private networks) and stay connected with clients in a simple and easy to understand channel.