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Table of Contents

  1. Basic Profiles
  2. Featured Business Listings
  3. Website Preview
  4. Active Link
  5. Profile Content: Body, Press Releases, Video Links, Document Links
  6. Endorsement, Maps, Directions, Calendars
  7. Forward, Print
  8. Searching ADN1

Basic Profiles

Basic profiles are available for companies who only wish to list basic information. Basic profiles include company name, address, contact information and website link.

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What is a "Featured Listing?"

Featured Listings display at the top of search results when people search ADN1. Featured listings rotate at the top of search results when people search for specific key word terms. We charge a one-time annual fee for featured listings and participants will never be asked to pay a per-click fee or any additional charges. All featured listings are granted access to company profile management tools and can add detailed profile information about products, services or links to additional company news, documents, videos or resources.

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Website Preview

The website preview box provides a current stored preview graphic of your website as provided by Thumbshots. (updates to thumbshot immages should be handled directly through Thumbshots)

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Active Link

Each profile includes an active website link. Users should ensure this link is functional and contact us with website changes or if the site preview is not displaying.

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Profile Content: Body, Press Releases, Video Links, Document Links

For select companies, we input certain basic content extracted from a business description meta tag. Additional content can be added by member companies and can include press release links, links to additional websites, video embed links and additional documents.

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Endorsement, Maps, Directions, Calendars

Each profile includes an endorsement option which is available to all visitors who find the profile through our search or through major search engines. Each profile also includes a great map and directions based on the address provided in the profile. You can list additional locations in the body of the profile. And, calendars are present for adding event details.

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Are there additional advertising options available through the American Digital Networks?

We provide special sponsorship advertising for select companies. We also purchase advertising space on a number of Internet Properties. If you are interested in additional opportunities to either buy or sell Advertising Inventory, please forward your request to

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Searching ADN1

We provide a basic search system. You can either search by key word or you can drill down on the categories. We also provide an advanced search which allows you to search by geography and other variables. All ADN content is available through major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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